About the Grossfeld Group

Back in 1999, forty students stared a Beginning Biblical Hebrew class together using An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew by Lambdin. Two years later about a dozen finished the book and many kept on going to the present day. Every Wednesday during the school year with our teacher Bernard Grossfeld we explore Tanach, by translating the Hebrew and then explore classical commentaries from Midrash and Talmud, and explore translations of the text in primarily the Targum, but other witness texts as well.

Along the way we also explore other Jewish texts in rabbinic Hebrew, including selections from the Mishnah and Midrash.


Bernard Grossfeld

Our Teacher

Bernard Grossfeld served for many years as Chair of Hebrew Studies at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Since his retirement from that position, he has been serving on the faculty of Spertus Institute. Ordained by the preeminent halakhist Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, Professor Grossfeld received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University. One of the world’s leading authorities on Aramaic, he has published widely on the Targum (Aramaic translation of the Bible), and is the author of many books and articles. He served as a military chaplain in the U.S. Air Force. At Spertus he teaches courses in Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic, Bible, Midrash, and Talmud.

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